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Winerim is more than a digital wine list, is a recommender that allows to select the wine with which diners will accompany their gastronomic experience. It is the perfect coupling between client and winery, since it permits the diner to pick the wine based on their preferences regarding pairing, vintage year, vineyard, grape variety, country or price.

Winerim enables the total management of the restaurant’s cellar, as well as the consumption of higher priced wines, which brings several economic advantages for the business. It may be used as a wine list for diners or as a support to sommeliers or wine experts in its presentations.

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The benefits of Winerim


and distributors

Updated wine list

Winerim allows professionals to keep the wine list up-to-date, investing minimal time and effort in it. Moreover, the update will be instantly visible from any device.

Staff support

Sometimes, front of house staff does not have extensive knowledge about wine and enology. The tool will serve as support when offering wine to diners.

Preference reports

Winerim enables restaurants and distributors to have information about the tastes and preferences of their clients, which allows them to better organise the stock/cellar.



Improves the traditional wine list

The traditional wine list may be intimidating at a times, even with a sommelier. Winerim allows you to select the wine autonomously.

Many options, little information

There is an overwhelming number of options when it comes to pick a wine to be tasted with a meal. The variety of options in a diner who does not have a lot of knowledge makes it a complicated task.

Perfect pairing

The diner will be able to choose the wine that besT goes along with their selection of dishes in a simple way.


Wine experts

Visual presentation

The sommelier will accompany the explanation of the wine list with visual support, which will provide reliability to the diner in their choice.

Detailed information

Wine experts will be able to explain to the diner, through the wine sheet, all the details of a reference, its tasting notes or general features.

Perfect pairing

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the sommelier, through Winerim the expert may present a perfect pairing with the wine tasting of the restaurant, in order that the diner may feel greater freedom and confidence at the time of picking a wine.


Restaurant's cellar

Selection of any wine

The tool allows the diner to have greater confidence in their choice. This leads to wines with a higher economic value being consumed more than the consumed with the traditional menu, thanks to the trustworthiness in choosing the reference to be tasted.

Stock control

Winerim enables the control and monitoring of the bottles of each reference in the cellar, and the consumption made of them. Thus, in addition to controlling the stock, it is possible to know which wines are the most consumed by diners.


The cellar management is reflected in real time, which allows knowing how many bottles of each reference still remain during the service, removing wines that have been sold out, activating wines that are available again, etc.

Own management

Clients using Winerim will be able to manage their own list in real time and the changes will be instantly displayed. With Winerim it is possible to activate and deactivate the wines on the list, modify prices, grape varieties, the vintage or the pairing of the wine. Furthermore, it allows adding descriptions of each wine by the sommelier or requesting the addition of new references to the list.

Stock control

Winerim offers a stock control software, which allows to check automatically the number of bottles of each reference left in the cellar during the service or at the end of it. This way, the client does not need to perform the strenous task of manually counting  every now and then the bottles remaining in the cellar.

Pairing with the wine list

One of the features Winerim allows is crossing the wines on the list with the dishes on the menu offered by the very restaurant, so the diner may perform the selection directly based on the dishes they are going to taste. In this way, the choice of wine will be made in a more precise way, according to the main ingredient of the dish, but also how it is prepared.

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