Sometimes we find it hard to understand how we have been consuming wine for 7,000 years, and it was not until the 1970s that people started to become aware of this delicacy that accompanies our dishes.

According to a study, 85% of customers faced with this task admit knowing little or nothing about wine.

The lack of knowledge about such a wide world, together with the different perceptions that tasters may have of the same reference, sometimes make choosing a wine a complex task. It can be an overwhelming experience if the diner must select from an extensive but excellent wine cellar.

With the traditional wine list, many diners feel like they are faced with an encyclopedia as they try to see which words appeal to them the most. A heavy task that they have to carry out surrounded by an infinite number of doubts. Experts, however, can devour a wine list as it was a best seller of hundreds of pages. But, for both, the task is not an easy one.

Those with little knowledge will try to get the sommelier to guide them in their decision if the restaurant has one. In the end, to shorten the selection time, they will end up choosing based on the price or a reference they consider familiar, and we would not be far wrong if we say that most of them will opt for a Rioja Crianza.

How to choose the wine for the meal?

First of all, the wine must be chosen by the person who is going to consume it. Then, the decision could be risky or a safe one. Those who play it safe will probably choose a Rioja of average quality, or select a wine from areas that are producing very good references, such as Ribeira Sacra, Calatayud…

Traditional wine lists in high-end restaurants are overwhelmingly large. For example, the Atrio wine list is more than 300 pages long. The diner wants to narrow down that list, define a price, a grape, a vintage. A complicated task to complete if faced with such an extensive menu. And not only that, but the diner also wants to know which is the perfect wine that goes best with the food he is going to eat.

Winerim enriches the wine experience

For those diners who are faced with the issue of selecting a wine from an extensive wine list with hundreds or thousands of references, Winerim becomes the perfect ally that will improve the entire process before the tasting.

The visual presentation and ease of use of the platform when selecting the appropriate reference for your table, make Winerim an essential tool. The simple filtering system allows diners to narrow down their searches and make a precise selection according to their tastes.

In addition, it allows the customer to know which wines are the best match for the menu he/she is about to enjoy. Once the selection has been made, the customer can access all the information and tasting notes of each of the references selected. With Winerim, choosing the best wine has never been so easy.

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