Spain is a country strongly linked to haute cuisine. In addition, Spain is the country with more chefs in the world top 10, the country with more Michelin-starred restaurants per square kilometer and one of the largest exporters of quality wine in the world. It also has some of the restaurants with the best wine cellars in the world, full of unique bottles, true relics for wine lovers.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit us every year to enjoy the gastronomic experiences that our restaurants offer. And it is not surprising that people spend more on wine than on food in restaurants. Let’s take a look at some of those restaurants that have placed Spain on the world gastronomic scene thanks to their exclusive wine cellars:


Rekondo, one of the best in the world

In San Sebastian, the city of origin of Winerim, there is the prestigious cellar of the Rekondo restaurant, known as the “University of Wine”.

With more than one hundred thousand bottles and more than two thousand references of the best wine regions of the planet on the menu, the famous American wine magazine Wine Spectator ranked the cellar of the Rekondo restaurant as one of the five best in the world.


Atrio, a wine cellar hidden in a hotel

The more than 35,000 bottles and 3,600 references from all over the world stored in the wine cellar of the Atrio restaurant in Cáceres belong to the luxurious Atrio hotel.

With bottles worth thousands of euros, its wine catalog contains the best references in the world, among which French wines deserve special attention. A wine cellar that accompanies the hotel in an unparalleled tourist and gastronomic experience.


The value of Rioja wines

The restaurant La Venta de Moncalvillo, located very close to Logroño, combines the excellent menu of its chef with the more than 600 perfectly selected wines on its menu, among which the wines of the D.O. Rioja have particular prominence. In addition to Rioja wines, we also find all kinds of world-class references, an exquisite mix between the best local and international wines.


The top 10 of “The World’s best restaurants”

The Mugaritz restaurant in Errenteria, which also shares its origins with Winerim, has a wine cellar with more than 2,000 references of diverse origins that, together with the creations of its great chef, Andoni Luis Adúriz, form an unbeatable combination that has taken this restaurant to the top 10 of “The World’s best restaurants”. The wine catalog of the Mugaritz restaurant, which also has two Michelin stars, stands out for its Burgundy wines, Rioja wines, Champagnes, and the ‘Txodo’, a homegrown wine.


A wine cellar as big as the dining room

At El Celler de Can Roca, the three Roca brothers who run the family restaurant located in Girona, the wine cellar is as big as the dining room. It is an indicator that, for the Roca brothers, wine is as important as the restaurant. The care for the wine can be appreciated in the more than 1,100 references on the menu of a magnificent variety.

The sommelier, Josep, one of the three Roca brothers, is the architect of the unforgettable pleasure produced by the combination of wines and gastronomic elaborations. His three Michelin Stars endorse him.


The coast and the best oenological treasures

The restaurant of the Real Balneario de Salinas, named after its chef, Isaac Loya, offers a wine list of more than 1,000 references with German and Italian essence, among which also stand out the French wines or the best bottles of Spain.

At the beachfront, the Michelin awarded restaurant combines fish and seafood from the Cantabrian Sea with meats and desserts, and one of the best wine menus in Spain.


Coque, Three National Gastronomy Awards

The Coque staff in Madrid, including the sommelier, have three National Gastronomy Prizes, awarded, to a large extent, thanks to their extensive and idyllic wine cellar. More than 26,000 bottles of wines and liqueurs from the five continents, and more than 1,500 references, among which French wines and a meticulous selection of champagnes stand out, are the result of the great work of the Sandoval brothers. Not in vain, the restaurant has been recognized twice by the Michelin Guide.


Two Michelin Stars in a town with a population of 2,000

More than 500 references, two Michelin Stars, and one of the best cuisines in the country, a perfect mix of tradition and innovation, in a town with a population of 2,000 inhabitants. The restaurant El Portal de Echaurren, located in Ezcaray, La Rioja, treasures one of the most elaborate wine menus in Spain, which, in addition to their creative cuisine, create a masterful gastronomic duo.

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